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3 Ways How to Trim a Video on iPhone
3 Ways How to Trim a Video on iPhone

3 Ways How to Trim a Video on iPhone

by Natalia Weil
31 May 2023

Taking videos on your iPhone can be a great way to capture memories in high quality and in digital format. However, if the recording is too long and has many unnecessary footage, it may be difficult to keep the viewer's attention. Knowing how to trim a video on iPhone can help you create more concise and engaging videos that illustrate the most important moments.

This article will offer you a guide on trimming videos on iPhone with 3 different tools. They will help you trim your video without having to download any third-party application to your phone.

1. How to trim a video on iPhone with an online service

Working with videos on an iPhone could feel limited, but Video Candy can enhance your experience. This free online video trimmer is an easy way to get your video trimmed to the needed settings. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to cut a video on iPhone using this platform.

  1. Open the online video trimmer.
  2. Select a video to be trimmed with the "+ Add Files" button. Upload the video from the Photo Library, from the File Manager, or take a new video.
  3. Choose the desired settings of your resulting file. You can "Extract Segment" or "Remove Segment". Alternatively, you are able to set the customized "Cut timing".
  4. Add effects to your trimmed video, such as "Fade to black" or "Audio fade in/out".
  5. Preview the final video and hit "Export" when ready.

How to use a free online video trimmer on iOS

As you can see, the process to trim a video online is quite simple, so it should not take too much time or effort to learn to master this on your iPhone. This is one of the few video trimming tools that allows you to do both, cut the beginning and the end of the video, as well as extract and save a piece of video in the middle. Apart from being a great choice to trim your video on iPhone, this website has the following notable advantages:


  • Free web-based service to trim your video.
  • No need to download third-party software that takes up storage space on your device;
  • Intuitive user interface that is easily understood even by beginners;
  • Allows trimming videos on iPhone of any model - Pro, ProMax, Plus, Mini, and SE;
  • The online video trimmer works in Safari, Google Chrome, and other mobile browsers;
  • Supports all major video formats - HEIC, AVI, MP4 and MOV, and more;
  • Provides additional instruments to further edit your video.

Overall, Video Candy is an excellent choice for anyone looking how to shorten a video on an iPhone without incurring the cost of expensive software or mastering intricate editing techniques. With the offered toolkit, with just your phone, you can edit your iPhone video to add a personal touch to the recording; compress your iPhone video to make it easier to share with your loved ones; merge your videos to create a unique film full of joyful memories.

2. How to trim a video on iPhone with Photos

The generic widget offers a limited set of editing features. However, there is an option that allows you to trim your iPhone video without leaving the built-in app. Read below how to make a video shorter on your iPhone with this method.

  1. Open the application on your phone. Find the video you need to trim.
  2. Open the file and hit the "Edit option in the top right corner of your screen.
  3. A timeline will appear under your video. By moving the arrows on each end of the clip, choose the video trimming setting you wish to apply.
  4. Hit "Done" once you finish the editing.

How to cut an iPhone video in Photos

This may be the simplest approach to trim your video on iPhone. Even so, you have to remember that trimming videos with Photos will alternate your original file. Hence, you need to make a copy of the video before editing it. This application you are also unable to perform such actions as adding background music to the video or speed up your video on iPhone.

3. How to shorten a video on iPhone with iMovie

This Apple default application is a free video trimming software. Using it is a simple and effective way to modify your videos. Below is an explanation of how to cut a video on an iPhone.

  1. Open the app on your iPhone and create a new "Movie" project.
  2. Pick the video to trim from the phone's media. Hit "Create Movie'.
  3. Tap on the video and select the "Trim" option (the icon with the scissors).
  4. You will now see two sliders, one at the beginning and one at the end of the video. Use them to choose what part of the video you want to keep and what parts you want to remove.
  5. Once you have trimmed the video to the desired settings, tap the "Done" button in the uppermost part of your screen to save your changes.

How to make a video shorter on iPhone in iMovie

iMovie is an easy and convenient way to efficiently trim your iPhone video. You can do quick edits without the need to buy additional software or hardware solutions for editing videos on iOS devices. Although it may not be the best instrument to work with vertically-oriented videos, turning your phone and utilizing the working space horizontally does the job well. Hence, you may need to rotate your iPhone video prior to editing it with this application.


As you are learning about ways how to trim a video on iPhone, you may ask yourself various questions. Here is a list of a few common questions that arise when trimming videos.

Q: Can I edit a video after I trim it?

A: Yes, you can edit your video before or after trimming it. You are equally able to adjust the fit size, and video ratio, flip or rotate the clip, and perform other manipulations with the file either before trimming it or after. The only difference is that the trimmed video will take less time to load to the program of your choice as it is shorter.

Q: Can I utilize the video after trimming outside of my iPhone?

A: Yes, you can share or export the trimmed video using AirDrop, post it on social media platforms, or even compress your video to send it via email.

Q: Does the quality alter if I trim the video online or offline?

A: No, trimming the video will not modify the quality of your video. It will stay the same and only the size will change as the video becomes shorter.

Q: Will my trimmed video still take up space on my phone?

A: Yes, your trimmed video will still occupy space on your device until you delete it or transfer it to another storage device like an external hard drive or cloud storage service. Moreover, depending on the type of the offline or online video trimmer you use, it may save both, the original and the altered files on your device.

Q: Can I add music to the cut version of my video?

A: Yes, once you are completed trimming your video, you can add music to the video to add a personal touch to the final product. Consider other video production instruments, like flipping your iPhone video or looping your video to personalize it even more.

How to trim a video on iPhone: conclusion

Trimming a video on an iPhone can be a straightforward process. The provided instructions will help you easily understand how to cut an iPhone video without additional applications installed on your phone. With these tools, you can trim your video online or offline and share them with friends or family. With just a few simple steps and some practice, anyone can master producing fantastic videos in no time!

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